The First Day I Smiled Again

         She used to capture fascinating landscapes of their small city. The vibrant sunrise and the mystical sunset were the favorite objects of her camera.  She loved to capture colorful shadows of the skies, of the earth and of every living souls hereon. She is Caroline. She has just started forgetting how to appreciate color. She has just abandoned her exquisite photographs of hills, flowers, birds and all. She became more interested of colors black and white. She started gazing at the lonely picturesque around her. She even forgot how to smile and to spell the word love. All she can remember is the gloomy day when her father died.

        Boring and sultry noontime. Caroline is in the midst of a park, absent minded. There she was seen by an Ice Cream/balloon/flower vendor named Mr Cupid. He believes that park is more than a place of a family to bond and enjoy with. It is more than a historic and breath-taking place for foreigners to adore. According to Mr Cupid, “This park, like most of the parks on earth, holds a soul that gathers lonely hearts to breath in, to contemplate, to loosen up and to try to start feeling pleasant.”
        In same park, he saw the weary soul of Luke. It was the nth times that Luke visited the place but it was the first day he saw the guy smiling. Luke is savoring his colorful ice cream while looking at the beautiful lady shuffling colorless photographs.
        “Isn't she beautiful?” Mr Cupid inquired.
        “Oh...” he smiled and was surprised by Mr Cupid's presence.
            “Thank you for buying my ice cream.” Luke is still looking at Caroline. “Do you want to write a wish on a piece of paper?” half – minded, Luke started paying attention to the vendor. “I have balloons for free. You can let it fly with my balloons. I know someone is hearing wishes.”
        “Really?” he confirmed. Mr Cupid got an affirming smile. Then, he secretly scribbled his wish and let the balloon fly.

           Caroline is still in sorrow. It was a humid afternoon at the park. For whatever reason, something she cannot explain is bringing her to that place. She was sobbing in the corner when a swaying paper touched her shoulder. She looked at the sky then looked down at what is written on the paper. It says: Thank you for making me smile. I wish she can learn it too - Luke. She looked at her surroundings but she saw nothing different but the happy people around. Her mind started to drift in wonders again and put the piece of paper on the bench she seated. Tears are running through her face when someone offered an Ice Cream.
        “Isn't it too hot to drown ourselves in sorrows?”
        She raised her chin and saw Luke's face. She tried to get away but he followed her. “Look! I have a serious illness. I don't know until when I can live. I don't have an idea until when can I see beautiful things on earth – and beautiful people like you.” She stopped walking then she saw his eyes. It has full of remorse.
        “My name is Luke.” A flashback of that piece of paper came across her mind then she hugged her. In a distance, Mr Cupid is smiling.
        Caroline and Luke started having a conversation while walking in the park. They share ice cream, they share thoughts, they share tears, and they share feelings. Day by day, the progress is inevitable. Caroline got the first day she smiled again. She never thought she could still do that but there is something in the park that seems overpowering – like blossoming of the flowers and the spreading of butterfly wings.
        “Don't you want to make some wish? My balloons are for free and you can let it fly with them,” the vendor's smile is mysterious. And they released their wishes up unto the air. With her camera, she took a picture of it and other colorful panorama and smiled. They are highly spirited and with full of glee. They hugged each other and laid on the grasses and watched the balloons in the sky.
            “May I know what your wish is?” Caroline asked.
        “I didn't make a wish. I am thankful for that SOMEONE who heard my wish to make you smile again. What's yours?”
         She just smiled and hugged him. Then a piece of paper fell from the air unto the face of Luke. Written on it, I never thought someone like Luke fill my world with color again. May I wish I will feel that sorrow no more? May you please let Luke stay until forever?”
        They then hugged tighter. In the shades, the vendor began to smile sweetly and started looking for another lonely souls strolling in the park.


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