SOPAS [Special Edition]

Isa ang Sopas Muna book sa mga paborito kong libro na inilimbag ng PSICOM kaya ng mapabilang ang aking artikulong 'The Anatomy of Undisturbed Well-being' ay siyempre natuwa ako't nanabik na mabasa ito at maibahagi sa aking mga kaibigan. Bilang pasilip sa aking artikulo, ipapakita ko sa inyo ang ilang linyang nakakatulala at kapupulutan ng aral.

Ang The Anatomy of Undisturbed Well-being ay nanalo sa isang patimpalak ng PSICOM kung saan kabilang ito sa iba pang [25] kuwentong inspirasyunal na inilimbag sa espesyal nitong edisyon . Binubuo ito ng 694 na salita at ito'y artukulong nasa wikang Ingles.

Front Cover

To see a world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour.

Our eyes limit our vision.
They believed that once they swam in the flood and after they fight for breath, they would see a shining sun. How can we see a sun in the midst of the storm? It is a matter of not believing our senses, fully.

We usually forget to nourish our soul.
If our senses delimit the veracity in our existence, then, what makes us soar beyond everything?  Our soul opens us into a limitless possibility. We should not take everything under our control because it blocks our soul to do its task. Just be free!

‘We are nothing’ means a thousand words.
 If we feel that we face a zero chance, hold a celebration over it. Zero is a start of infinite possibilities. Beyond this is an empty void that holds the universe. We are floating souls. We are part of the universe. We are part of the storm. We are one with the crises… we are the world. 

[Mabibili ang librong ito sa National Book Stores sa halagang P100.00]


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