DANGPANAN (After 5ive Incredible Years!)

[Repost from Facebook Group administered by Ryan Labana]
DANGPANAN is a local (visayan) term for destination. Destination, per se, is the place to where someone is going. But how really infinite our destinations are? We pause in a single corner, meet tons of friends; enter someone else's life and leave. I believe that we really don't have destination here on Earth. We only gain memoirs from the people and place we have been to. Everybody wants to cherish those meaningful memories shared by those important people around. If there's one group of Homo Sapiens who really let me realize what existence is all about, then no one can deny that it's my folks in college years.

It's been 5ive years now from the time we've been away from Tan5inco. We had 5ive years that we spent our lives with other group of people. 5ive years had passed but every single reminiscence from that room called BSED-BEED QUADRANGLE OF LIFE is still thriving in our minds. Haaay! I don't want to start enumerating those unforgettable scenes and surely, we will end up with a very loooooooong list!

As DANGPANAN reminds us to relish those memories, it will also be timely and fitting to shout this word during the MINI- REUNION of BSED Batch 2007 of TTMIST. This (FaceBook) group was created as a COMMUNICATION CENTER for plans and step-actions, for suggestions and voting, for memoirs and greetings and for our little DANGPANAN


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