The Eyes in that Gleaming Light

She’s just like the lustrous crystals,
catching the eye of the beasts—
they are the monsters that lurk in the world of lusts.

The discotheque ball showers the crowd
all the sexy curves of her body—
of her waist that wiggles,
of her boobs that jump
of her legs that climb the hard pole.

There are lots of eyes that follow
the waves of her sexy moves.
and other eyes
and many other excited eyes
to the dance that will stop themselves to wink,
that will never allow her sexiness to falter,
that will gratify their body’s heat.

The sensual music continues beating,
directing her body to wave,
keeping everybody’s eyes in the heaven of desires.

All the evil pleasures flourish their eyes
except for the eyes of a lad—
his eyes with tears, with sorrow and with troubles
looking at his mother’s eyes—
kept closed with the furtive tears
while satisfying all those cheerful eyes
of robust monsters.


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