Nanay Linda at 60

October 14, 2010 was noted to be a special day for our family because of my mother's 60th Birthday. We were loved and cared so much by our mother that's why giving her a simple yet meaningful birthday party is just a consolation for her efforts in raising us as we are today.

The Instant Invitation Letter

First Plan: Simpleng salu-salo sa bahay.
Next Plan (3 days before the date): Look for a suitable venue that will gather enough visitors (including our little community's political leaders and our church's spiritual workers).

I was realy shocked for the drastic changes of plans. Of course, me as the over-all in-charge of the party, got the so much ache in my head. But thanks to Michelle, my dear friend, who helped me in the preparations from the simple cakes to the delicate decorations of the venue.

It was realy a comic event (for us who drives the whole party). The program was spontaneously done. We had a lot of on-the-spot sing and dance presentations to fill the gap between the major numbers. We had also an instant master of the ceremony to help Michelle in completing the puzzle of that night's event (that is a puzzle of which one to comes first and the other that needs to be reserved- I am referring to the program).

But prior to the program, I had also my checklist to complete: sound system, either a paturunggon or a videoke: table clothes: chairs and tables: enough plates, spoon, fork, drinking glass,etc: appropriate venue: invitation cards and a lot more.

After that tiring party, presto! everything's almost perfect. There's a lot of loopholes and problems but that remains us to be humble. It also let us think that this party is not about those preparation, it is about my mother. Thank you to the visitors who accepted our simple mini-show (laughs) and making that night a meaningful night for my mother (smile).


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